Dittmann, Cliffe and Ussi ready to make history

28/10/12 - History will be made today (28 October) as three drivers battle it out to become the inaugural F3 Cup champion.

28/10/12 - History will be made today (28 October) as three drivers battle it out to become the inaugural F3 Cup champion and a prize FIA Formula Two test at Sntterton 300.

Chris Dittmann, Tristan Cliffe and Gino Ussi have raced hard all season and after 16 races the title battle will come down to the last two races of the cmapiang today. All three are raring to go but Dittmann will be the man to chase following yesterday's qualifying session. 

Dittmann was the star of a wet qualifying session at the Norfolk circuit as the 23-year-old split F1 test drivers Antonio Felix Da Costa and Kevin Korjus to claim second spot on the grid. Coupled with a 25.5 point lead, the Tewkesbury man is in a strong position.

He said: "You never know what will happened in the race if it is wet but my two title rivals are further down the grid so I'm in the right place. I think i'm not far away from that FIA Formula Two test but I've got to keep my head down and do the job.

Omicron Motorsport's Cliffe is on home soil this weekend and although he faces a tough task to overhaul Dittmann he remains relatively confident about his chances of becoming F3 Cup champion.

He said: "Qualifying didn't go according to plan. It is what it is. I've got a lot of work to do today. The plan all depends on the weather really. I think I will have to keep out of trouble for half a lap then I will have to start picking them off. I don't like to wish problems on my rivals but he needs to have problems for us to win the title. I know we are not in F1 but F1 is 'if' backwards and F3 is 'if' backwards aswell. Anything could happen."                  

Despite a disappointing result in qualifying with only 11th spot on the grid, Grays Motorsport's Ussi is not giving up on his surge towards the F3 Cup title. He is a point behind Cliffe on dropped scores.

He said: "We are not putting out the white flags just yet. Qualifying was tough but we will see what happens. It is not over yet."

Catch up with the Dittmann, Cliffe and Ussi's thoughts courtesy of Race Television's interview below.