Lynn enjoys F3 Cup debut to remember

Alex Lynn completed a straightforward lights to flag victory in race one this morning at a wet Spa Francorchamps.

Alex Lynn completed a straightforward lights to flag victory in race one this morning at a wet Spa Francorchamps.

In a change to normal F3 Cup procedure, a rolling start is used at the start, and there was drama right at the start when third place man Gino Ussi touched the rear tyre of second place Chris Dittmann. This caused championship leader Dittmann to spin out into retirement with a punctured rear tyre, and Ussi sustained a broken front wing but was able to carry on.

Somehow everyone else in the 40 plus car grid managed to avoid the two cars with Aaron Steele taking the inside line, and Cliffe the outside line and both men leapfrogged Robbie Watts.

Another incident later in the lap saw Dave Karaskas crash out after tangling with Monoposto front runner Nigel Reuben's Jedi and fellow trophy class competitor Jeremy Timms. Both Karaskas and Reubens cars were heavily damaged in the incident.

The race continued with Lynn leading the way, with Steele in a safe second place and Cliffe in a strong third ahead of Robbie Watts. However Cliffe had his own problems in the cockpit with a gear lever that came detached from the car.

Cliffe was able to change gear carefully for several laps, but eventually he found himself stuck in 5th and despite being able to carry a lot of speed through the corners, he was unable to prevent Watts from eating into his advantage at the La Source hairpin which is normally taken in 2nd gear.

Tristan tried to fight back and whilst was able to close, being stuck in one gear meant he couldn't out-accelerate Robbie out of the slower corners.

Speaking later he said "I remember watching Schumacher complete a race stuck in gear by taking different lines, so I thought I'd try as best as possible. I was losing a lot of time out of the slower corners, La Source being the worst for me."

Chris Needham found some form with a strong finish, with Ussi's damaged car following him home with Mark Harrison behind him. Stuart Wiltshire finished ninth and Mark Bailey Racing team mate Nick Robinson completed the top ten.

Tony Bishop was fortunate to keep out of the armco with a spin at the top of Eau Rouge on the final lap.

With both Dave Karaskas and Chris Dittmann out of the race, Jeremy Timms took the Cup Class win despite receiving a heavy knock from Nigel Reuben's Jedi on the opening lap. James Ledamun took the Masters Class.

Retiree's included Prajesh Shah whose Mercedes engined Dallara suffered a fuel pressure problem, James Simons only completed one lap and Dave Karaskas's crash discussed earlier. James Cross withdrew before 2nd qualifying yesterday with engine problems.

The F3 Cup continues on Sunday with race two and the championship race is wide open following Chris Dittmann's retirement.

F3 Cup Race One Results

1. Alex Lynn Cup 9 laps 24:49.864
2. Aaron Steele Cup 9 laps +36.483s
3. Robbie Watts Cup 9 laps +1:49.567
4. Tristan Cliffe Cup 9 laps +1:51.802
5. Chris Needham Cup 9 laps +2:01.950
6. Gino Ussi Cup 9 laps +2:13.301
7. Mark Harrison Cup 9 laps +2:14.661
8. Jeremy Timms Trophy 9 laps +2:42.408
9. Stuart Wiltshire Cup 9 laps +3:01.559
10. Nick Robinson Cup 8 laps +1 lap
11. Frank Thomas Cup 8 laps +1 lap
12. Tony Bishop Cup 8 laps +1 lap
13. James Ledamun Masters 8 laps +1 lap


10. Prajesh Shah Cup
77. Dave Karaskas Trophy
41. Chris Dittmann Trophy
42. James Simons Masters


23 James Cross Cup

Fastest Laps

Cup Lynn 2:46.440

Trophy Timms 3:00.273

Masters Ledamun 3:10.764