Lynn reigns in Spa qualifying

Alex Lynn claimed pole position in both of F3 Cup races at Spa-Francorchamps after demonstrating impressive driving skill.

Alex Lynn claimed pole position in both of F3 Cup races at Spa-Francorchamps after demonstrating impressive driving skill. 

In a change to the usual race format, there were separate qualifying sessions for each of the two races as the grid is being shared with the Monoposto Racing Club, meaning a field of 45 cars with quite different speed and cornering characteristics. Lynn is the 2011 Formula Renault Champion and is currently racing for Fortec in British F3, recently claiming two 2nd places at their last meeting at Rockingham.      

The first session was wet, starting as drizzle but progressing to fairly heavy rain during the session. Lynn put himself on top very early in the session, with championship leader Chris Dittmann joining him on the front row of the grid.   Behind them are Gino Ussi and Robbie Watts, the latter making his F3 Cup debut with his new Toyota powered Dallara F306. 

Third row was Jeremy Timms and Tristan Cliffe, the latter having never driven at Spa before this weekend. The man to beat in 2011, Aaron Steele, was seventh fastest with James Cross joining him on row four. Robbie Watts said that qualifying was a bit of a lottery due to the conditions, but was very pleased with the car.   

Sadly James Cross will be sidelined for the rest of the weekend with engine problems, whilst Jeremy Timms managed to damage the front right hand corner of the Topmarx Dallara during Q1 but effected repairs between sessions and made Q2.

In the Masters Class, James Ledamun prevailed over James Simons.

Top 10 Overall / F3 Cup:

1. CUP  Alex Lynn 2:49.634
2. TRO Chris Dittmann 2:58.038
3. CUP Gino Ussi 2:59.301
4. CUP Robbie Watts 2:59.903
5. TRO Jeremy Timms 3:00.450
6. CUP Tristan Cliffe 3:02.254
7. CUP Aaron Steele 3:03.439
8. CUP James Cross 3:04.427
9. TRO Dave Karaskas 3:05.994
10. CUP Stuart Wiltshire 3:06.104

Qualifying 2:

The rain cleared up early afternoon and the sun shone at Spa-Francorchamps, with a few threatening looking clouds hovering overhead causing many worried glances up at the sky, but thankfully the rain held off.    

Alex Lynn stormed to his second pole of the weekend, joined on the front row, by Aaron Steele in the Omicron Motorsport car. Mark Harrison took third on the grid, with Dave Karaskas an excellent fourth to take pole in the Trophy Class.  

Chris Needham took fifth after a gearbox rebuild during the afternoon and Cliffe took 6th overall once more. Gino Ussi and Robbie Watts line up next to each other again behind them. Nick Robinson took ninth overall. The next cars on the grid are the Monoposto front runners - Nigel Reuben and Dan Clowes Jedis, with F3 Cup's Stuart Wiltshire completing F3 Cups top 10. James Ledamun took pole in the masters category again.

Chris Dittmann pulled off at La Source in lap three with steering column problems, his only flying lap good enough for 13th overall. Thankfully no damage done and his time good enough for second in class.

Top 10 F3 Cup

1. CUP Alex Lynn 2:18.664
2. CUP Aaron Steele 2:21.994
3. CUP Mark Harrison 2:25.098
4. TRO Dave Karaskas 2:25.805
5. CUP Chris Needham 2:25.866
6.  CUP Tristan Cliffe 2:26.593
7. CUP Gino Ussi 2:26.620
8. CUP Robbie Watts 2:26.845
9, CUP Nick Robinson 2:27.279
10. CUP Stuart Wiltshire 2:28.719