Breakthrough Snetterton win for David Scott

David Scott made the most of the misfortune of others to take his first ever outright win in F3 Cup.

David Scott made the most of the misfortune of others to take his first ever outright win in F3 Cup. The win means the 30-year old has visited the podium at both of his previous two races, and his upturn in fortune has been matched by a definite up turn in pace.

The independent runner was racing under the Chris Dittmann Racing banner for the first time this year, and he dropped Hamilton-Smith from his tail early on, and capitalistised and events unfolded in front of him.

Alice Powell shot off the line at the start and was followed by Alex Craven, leaving the pole-sitting Tristan Cliffe lagging in third. The opening lap brought the race's first casualty as Trophy 01 Class poleman Olly Rae pulled up to leave Dave Karaskas to battle with the Cup Class runners. And that he did, racing hard with Stuart Wiltshire who slipped back as a result of having to take to the grass, falling behind both Karaskas and Nick Robinson.

Once ahead Powell instantly stretched a gap but by lap three the top three were split by less than two seconds. Scott, who started well, stayed with them around a second and a half back before starting to catch them once more. Cliffe slipped by Craven and into second at Brundle and followed that up with a pair of fastest laps to reel Powell in to less than half a second up the road.

The race turned on lap eight when the pair came through Coram side-by-side and Cliffe managed to squeeze up the inside into Murrays. Powell got a good run onto the Senna Straight and slipstreamed her way past the pitwall, glued to the gearbox of the Omicron Motorsport Dallara. She ducked out at the last second and went to go around the outside of Riches. The pair came together and ended up in a cloud of smoke in the barrier, ending the races of both the championship hopefuls.

That left Alex Craven to inherit the lead, but he had been nursing his car all race with fuel issues. He was caught by Scott, whose new set-up had clearly had the desired effect, and slung past the ailing Lanan Racing Dallara on the Senna Straight into the lead on the entry to Riches. Craven fought back when Scott ran wide at Montreal but Scott held him off to take his first outright win in F3 Cup.

Louis Hamilton-Smith was promoted to third to take yet another podium in his Eyehub F3 machine, which hurriedly made its way to grid after solving clutch post-qualifying problems. The car settled but he struggled to get the tyres warm, but still took home his sixth podium of the year.

Mark Harrison had his best result of the season in a lonely fourth, 14 seconds back from Hamilton-Smith and eight seconds clear of Karaskas who ended up fifth. Tony Bishop cruised up to the back of Karaskas but couldn't find a way past and Stuart Whiltshire took seventh after a late spin.

Nick Robinson's race lasted only four laps as he pitted and turned towards the paddock to retire.

The season-in-a-race throws more intrigue into the championship race, and David Scott won't be begrudged his first F3 Cup win.

Snetterton round seven race one:

  1. David Scott - 11 laps
  2. Alex Craven - +6.391
  3. Louis Hamilton-Smith - +8.818
  4. Mark Harrison - +23.771
  5. Dave Karaskas - +32.061
  6. Tony Bishop - +32.837
  7. Stuart Wiltshire - +53.149


Race two starts at 13:20 on Sunday. Follow @F3Cup for live updates and live timing from TSL Live Timing.