David Scott enlists Chris Dittmann Racing for Snetterton return

Independent runner David Scott returns to the F3 Cup fold this weekend, racing under the Chris Dittmann Racing banner for the first time this season.

Independent runner David Scott returns to the F3 Cup fold this weekend, racing under the Chris Dittmann Racing banner for the first time this season. It's the first race weekend since round three at Brands Hatch in June for Scott, who took a podium that weekend to notch up his best result of the season.

Explaining the move, Scott said: "It's this weekend definitely and maybe Donington if they're there. It just gives us some added support; Chris Dittmann Racing obviously knows what they're doing. We're still running it [the car], but we're running it within their awning to get a bit of help from those guys. We know Chris from last year and I got in touch with them to see if we could anything for this weekend."

Despite missing three rounds over the past few months, the Crewe-born racer expects to feel at home one again in the cockpit of his Dallara F305/7 despite tweaking the car ahead of round seven.

"We should hopefully be up there, we're testing Friday and I'm looking forward to getting back out there because it's been far too long really. Brands Indy was months ago." he admitted. "It's like not driving over a winter or driving anything for years, I always worry that it will feel weird and I'm not going to feel comfortable but I'm expecting to be comfortable straight away.

"We've made some changes to the car after we were last out at Brands Indy, just some small things. We made a load of changes between Silverstone and Brands Hatch and we felt the difference and got a podium. It was a lucky podium I suppose with Louis not finishing and Tristan dropping back. We've made some changes and we think they're going in the right direction and should hopefully push me forward towards the top four or five guys of Alice [Powell], Alex [Craven], Louis [Hamilton-Smith], Tristan [Cliffe] and Henry [Chart]."

The Mercedes AMG Petronas model designer is well versed in the long straights and new complex of Snetterton, even tasting Cup class success at the corresponding fixture in 2012.

"We had two class wins last time at this end of summer round at Snetterton in the Cup class and that was only our second time in the car. I know the circuit well, of the circuits we've done this is the one I've driven most in an F3 car.

"I think I'm probably aiming to just catch up with the front guys and maybe be able to run up with that lot. I was kind of on my own once I'd got past Stuart and Robbie in the first race [at Brands Hatch] and in the second I had my own little race as I was pulling away but not really catching the guys in front. That was on a circuit I hadn't driven in a long time and hadn't driven in an F3 car until that weekend whereas I know Snetterton well and have run well there.  Plus, I should have an improved set-up so I should hopefully close the gap a  bit. We're out there to enjoy ourselves though."

Snetterton is just a stone's throw away from the car's base at Hingham, and it's not just his positive results at Snetterton that have endeared the circuit  to Scott

"It's a nice new circuit to run on and it's a good challenge, the new  section. Hamilton, the long right-hander and onto the back straight are just  really good corners. The way they flow, they're technical.

"I liked the original a lot and I think I still hold the lap record in a Formula Jedi from like 2003. I knew the old Snetterton quite well. The final chicane was tighter, the last two corners are now like one long corner which in the F3 car is mega because you're just flat round there. It's surprising how much speed you can carry round there. It's probably my favourite circuit."

Snetterton hosts two races of F3 Cup, with the first race of round  seven starting at around 16:10 on Saturday and race two at 13:20 on Sunday. The cars will be out to qualify at 12:45 on Saturday. Tickets cost just £13 on the gate with children 12 years and under getting in free.