Galeforce Racing sign up for 2014 with four car assault

F3 Cup will welcome another new name onto the 2014 grid as experienced race engineer Mike Gale is set to field his new Galeforce Racing squad in the championship’s third season.

F3 Cup will welcome another new name onto the 2014 grid as experienced race engineer Mike Gale is set to field his new Galeforce Racing squad in the championship's third season.

Gale is no stranger to F3 Cup having been a prominent member of Mark Bailey Racing's Teams' Championship-winning campaign this season, helping Alice Powell on her way to five wins and to within three points of the championship summit with one round to go.

Regular points-scorers Stuart Wiltshire and Nick Robinson have also worked closely with Gale over the past few years and have reaped the rewards with consistent points. Wiltshire and Robinson are to continue their work with Gale, the second of whom will be handing full control of his Dallara to Galeforce Racing, as Mark Bailey has also announced he will be leaving the championship at the end of the season.

The departing Mark Bailey has spent over 20 years competing in Formula Three in various guises and leaves in a similar fashion to how he started. His first taste of F3 came back in 1992 and his then-driver Paul Evans won on Mark Bailey Racing's National Class debut. Powell, Wiltshire, Robinson and Thomas have all played their part 21 years later to land Mark Bailey Racing the 2013 F3 Cup Teams' Championship.

Gale Force Racing is already in talks with two additional drivers to complete a four-car assault on 2014 and Frank Thomas has also hinted at renting his car out for the rounds he skips. 

Mike Gale said: "I'm definitely looking forward to it, it's exciting. I'm hoping to breathe new life into the team in some way but I want to carry on Mark's standards. It's been a successful team so I want to continue that.

"I'm looking to run four cars, that is the plan. I've looked after the cars for Mark [Bailey] for 15 years, hopefully I can keep that championship winning going next year."

"Mark had a conversation with me in mid-June saying this was his plan and he hoped I'd take the business over. I looked at it and thought it was the ideal situation really. It should be a natural progression."

Mark Bailey Racing has worked closely with students for the past nine years, something Gale expects to continue. "Race teams are fairly quiet during the week until test days and race days so to have students on-hand that you can train-up and progress, is an ideal situation. I can look after four cars on my own at the workshops but at the track I need four good people, one on each car so I'll be looking to keep that going, certainly."

Mark Bailey added: "I'll miss the team, I have had a great bunch of guys working at MBR over the years. All Mike does during the day is race cars, I basically help him load and unload, and then it's down to him. He looks after all the set-up on the cars and so on; he's been a major factor in the championship win. The cars come in and I'll hardly touch them.

"Mike's taken over all the kit, the staff and Stuart, Nick and Frank are also driving for him next season. It's not that I've gone off motorsport it's just the effort I have to put in is more work than I've ever put in. I could just see one thing over the next year or so starting to suffer, the gearbox business is going well and so is the racing. It's good and I'm not complaining, it just could become too much."

Bailey continued, "I'm happy to split it, the timing's right and it's good for Mike with him getting the premises. All in all it's best to go out on a high."

Drivers and teams interested in joining the 2014 F3 Cup should contact championship co-ordinator Simon Davey on 07770 368648, email

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