Hamilton-Smith and Harrison cash in

As the title chasers clashed once more at round seven at Snetterton, race two transpired to offer up big points for the chasing pack.

As the title chasers clashed once more at round seven at Snetterton, race two transpired to offer up big points for the chasing pack.

It was serial podium finisher Louis Hamilton-Smith who grasped the chance to add to his bounty of 2013 podiums as he took his ninth of the season in second ahead of Mark Harrison, who returned to the podium for the second time this year.

"I've had some seconds and thirds but never won." Harrison explained. "It's only our second podium of the year and the first was at Oulton so we don't visit it often. It's nice to take advantage of a few of the woes of other competitors when it happens."

Conditions were tricky and caused those woes, particularly the cement dust spread to soak up the oil shed by an earlier GT car. That accounted for Alice Powell's spin from the lead that also wiped out Alex Craven, who was left with nowhere to go in the dust cloud.

Hamilton-Smith admitted it would have been easy to make a mistake. "It was difficult to pass and it was very slippery out there. It was a challenge to just keep it on the track. All in all I was just happy to get the car back in one piece."

Harrison agreed, adding: "I had found it very slippery all weekend and have been some way off my personal best times here in this car, particularly in that second race. Round Coram the cement dust made it a bit difficult but once I'd lost sight of the front two I realised I was quite a way ahead of the guys behind. I thought I don't get to the podium very often so I made sure I didn't do anything silly.

"It's a bit difficult sometimes when you're not running at your maximum speed because it does allow the mind to wander a bit but I kept it all together. I wanted a podium for all the hard work this year and that was enough to keep me focused for the 15 minutes."

Despite staring at the exhaust of leader David Scott's car all race, Hamilton-Smith said he too had a quiet race but was delighted to take another trophy back to Brackley with him.

"It was a bit quiet, obviously the two went off at the start of the race and then I was second and behind Dave for quite a bit at the start but then lost a bit on the tyres. He pulled out a bit of a gap but it wasn't a massive gap.

"It's another trophy to add to the collection so it's all good." Hamilton-Smith said.

The podium for Magic Motorsport and Harrison stands them in good stead as things move on to the penultimate round of the season at Donington Park on 28/29th September. The results have been consistent, and the set-up changes he and his family-run team have made are aimed at bridging that gap to the regular podium-chasers.

"We changed the set-up on the car quite a bit and I think it will be better [at Donington]. We haven't had much opportunity to test it properly but Donington is somewhere historically I've driven well at. I like the track and know it reasonably well, better than here. I'm hopeful of getting back towards that front pack. In reality the back of it but it would be nice to be able to see them at the end of the race!" Harrison laughed.

"We do well at that [consistency] and that's a credit to the old man, who looks after the car. It's been a long hard slog and we've had some problems with my brother's car so it's a nice reward for that."