Powell extends lead with race one podium

Alex Craven starts third for race two, which starts at 15.05. Follow @F3Cup for live updates and live timing from TSL.

Championship leader Alice Powell added another three points to her buffer at the summit of the championship standings with a second place in race one of round six at Silverstone.

The gap to third has been reduced by Tristan Cliffe's win, pole and fastest lap, but the Mark Bailey Racing driver believes it was the long Silverstone straights that allowed Cliffe to edge up the road from her.

"I was keeping with Tristan, the Toyota just isn't as quick down the straights. I was the same as him through the corners but he kept pulling a gap down all the straights." Powell said after picking up another trophy to add to her growing collection.

The close running at the front nearly ended her race through no fault of her own when a rogue bollard appeared right on her and Alex Craven's line. Both were forced to drive over it, and Powell came off worse than her nearest championship rival Craven.

"Towards the end he [Cliffe] went over one of the sticks at Brooklands, that came off and I couldn't avoid it so I just went over it unfortunately and I suddenly felt a vibration. I thought "Oh no, please don't be a puncture" and I went into Copse and I just lost the rear a little bit and I thought "Uh oh, this is going to be a puncture."

"The whole lap I was just looking in my mirrors to see if the rear tyre were going to be  holding up. Luckily I got to the end but it's broken all the turning vanes at the front and  two of the flaps off at the rear. I had no dash as well, that packed up as we went out for  he green flag lap so I was having to guess revs and stuff on sounds."

Powell was behind Cliffe in second from her third place grid slot thanks to some heavy pressure exerted onto Louis Hamilton-Smith, who had earlier made the most of his front row start by jumping Cliffe from the line. He succumbed to Cliffe that lap, and Powell wasted no time in trying to find a way past herself.

"He obviously got a good start, I got a good start and was right up close behind them. Coming out of Stowe and down to the hairpin down there and he locked up. I don't know whether he was looking in his mirrors or what but he ran wide and I just sneaked past and chased down Tristan. It was a good race."

The overtake and survival of the bollard leave her counting down the races to the end of the season but the pace of the man starting one place back for race two, Alex Craven, hasn't gone unnoticed. Powell starts second after putting in the second fastest lap of the race behind Cliffe, ahead of a dangerous second row of Craven and Henry Chart.

"Hopefully we'll get a good start [in race two], Alex was catching me by the end and I couldn't go any quicker in case I spin and that's all over. I was thinking about the championship and making sure I was staying on the road to keep as consistent as possible."

Alice Powell starts second for race two, which starts at 15.05. Follow @F3Cup for live updates and live timing from TSL.