Scott delighted with maiden win

Race one of round seven added another name to the 2013 winners’ board as independent David Scott’s newly-found pace took him to the win.

Fortune was on his side, but David Scott's solid running was rewarded when the leading pair of Alice Powell and Tristan Cliffe came together at Riches and then Alex Craven slowed with fuel pressure problems to give the independent a maiden outright win in F3 Cup.

The result means he's been a feature on the podium in his last two races after a third place at Brands Hatch Indy that too included the helping hand of fortune when Cliffe and Louis Hamilton-Smith both visited the pits.

That shouldn't take anything away from the inherent pace that ensured he has been in the right place to capitalise.

Speaking afterwards, Scott said: "We had the same conversation at Brands when I inherited that but to finish first, first you've got to finish. It was true pace. I wasn't as quick as Tristan once we got underway, [but] the first few laps he was kind of in the way. I was so much quicker than him in those initial two laps, not close enough to have a look but close enough for him to have to defend. Alice as well, it was good to be able to run with them and that's what we were targeting."

Once the top two had retired, it was left to a rapidly catching Scott, who has joined Chris Dittmann Racing's awning for this weekend, to fight with Craven for the win. A recurrence of Craven's issues from Silverstone meant it was a more straightforward overtake into Riches, but he didn't have it all his own way as the Lanan man fought back.

"Alex had some sort of issue and was slow round Coram, I just closed right up. I sat back and waited becuase I didn't know whether he was going to pit but he didn't and I had so much more straight-line speed I just drove past. He was sticking with me so we went round Riches a bit side-by-side and then I went a bit too deep into the hairpin so he had a little bit of a look up the inside. He obviously had some mechanical issues but I'm delighted with the win."

Scott came into the weekend with the hope of running with the Championship's main protagonists, and so he did. Starting fourth after spending the early stages of qualifying on provisional pole, he kept within pouncing distance of Cliffe and then Craven once he had succumbed to Cliffe at Brundle. Scott admitted he had a little help from his friends during the week, and soon benefitted from the handiwork.

"The car felt awesome, T-Sport set it up." he said. "They took the car this week to do a full set-up and it's just a different car. It's totally different. The guys at T-Sport really obviously know what they're doing and it was so beneficial for us. It would have been a fourth without inheriting it but it was fourth that we were only four or five seconds behind. If you look at Brands Indy that was a fourth of 25 seconds.

"If they don't have any issues it will be nice to run with them [in race two], but I'm not in it for the championship so the last thing I want to do is be one of those in the wall."

The win capped what could be his last race weekend of the season due to other commitments, and the Mercedes AMG Petronas design engineer said it was the perfect way to round it all off.

"This might be our last weekend in anything and in all the years I've raced [in F3 Cup] I've never actually taken the chequered. I've won classes but never taken the chequered. So for what could be our last weekend that could be the perfect way to do it."

David Scott will start fourth for race two, again underlining the speed he has found with the help of British F3 team T-Sport and with his own set-up tweaks. He lines up alongside Alex Craven on row two and ahead of Louis Hamilton-Smith.

Race two starts at 13:20 and you can keep up with it all by following @F3Cup and with live timing from TSL.