Cliffe looking to 2015

Tristan Cliffe has revealed he will be turning his full attentions to being team manager of Omicron Motorsport in 2015.

Tristan Cliffe has revealed he will be turning his full attentions to being team manager of  Omicron Motorsport in 2015.

As a driver, Cliffe has taken 11 wins in the past three years, most recently two at Brands Hatch two weeks ago to cement his second place in the 2014 F3 Cup points standings. He won the Cup Class in 2012, finishing behind Chris Dittmann in the overall standings, and finished third last season.

"My focus next year will be on running Omicron Motorsport," Cliffe said. "We're already working on finding the F308's best set-up, plus aerodynamic analysis. We have two competitive F307s to fill too, so we are making a real effort to get a good squad of drivers next year."

Omicron leads the Teams' Championship from Gale Force Racing, having teamed up with Mark Harrison for this season. Italian racer Jacopo Sebastiani joined the Norfolk-based squad at Brands Hatch, hinting at one potential 2015 driver.

Cliffe said: "Jacopo went home happy, and I think he'll be back. He enjoyed his time and made a real breakthrough in the final race. He was the only driver to get faster with every session; he gained a second a session despite the tyres getting older. He just needs time in the car and I think he's pleased with himself. We're certainly pleased with him."

More pressingly, Cliffe thinks team-mate Harrison will be back on the pace at Silverstone after some off-colour recent rounds.

"I'm going to try and get Mark's confidence back up, and see if there was a mistake with the setup that hampered him. We'll try to come up with some things and get him going quickly again at Silverstone."

Cliffe's own championship campaign should, barring disaster, see him in the top three again, but he admits the title is Sowery's now, despite Cliffe's double Brands Hatch win.

"To all intents and purposes, the championship is over. It's not like I've broken Toby, we had the mental edge over Alice [Powell] by May last year. She wasn't as quick after that, but for flashes.

"Toby's not like that, he knows he has the title in the bag and will be quick at Silverstone. He was quicker than Alice at Rockingham but knew he didn't need to take the risk. He went home happy he was the quickest but he went home from Brands Hatch beaten for pace. That's a good feeling."