Sowery takes debut double

Toby Sowery completed a perfect weekend on his F3 Cup debut by taking the win in the safety car-disrupted race two at Snetterton, his second win of the weekend from pole.

Toby Sowery completed a perfect weekend on his F3 Cup debut by taking the win in the safety car-disrupted race two at Snetterton. The win was his second of the weekend from pole, with the added point for fastest lap in the bank too.

Tristan Cliffe came back through the field after a poor start to claim second, and Louis Hamilton-Smith came from the back of the grid to complete the podium despite suffering from a misfire.

Sowery's start shot him into turn one safely in the lead after Cliffe spun up his wheels and fell back. Stuart Wiltshire, Tony Bishop and Nick Wiltshire all passed him before the first corner, but the local racer passed the latter two in one move into Agostini on lap one. 

A lap later Cliffe slipped up the inside of Wiltshire at Riches, and Louis Hamilton-Smith pulled an identical move on Nick Robinson for fifth. Robinson then spun at the exit of Williams to bring out the safety car, wiping out the six-second lead Sowery had built himself while the pack were squabbling. 

On the restart, Cliffe locked himself onto the gearbox of the leader but couldn't find a way past, and once Sowery had seen off the threat he steadily grew his lead. Louis Hamilton-Smith then slung around Wiltshire down the Senna Straight, and Olly Rae clung on around the other side of Wiltshire at the same time making it three-wide through Riches. Unlike race one when Henry Chart and Lee Morgan collided, all three came through unscathed.

Chart soon found a way past Wiltshire himself and pressurised his team-mate Rae, but the Aussie's superior straightline speed repeatedly quelled Chart's advances. Tony Bishop moved into the top six with a pass on Wiltshire and then resisted the attentions of Lee Morgan.

Gale Force Racing's John Ferguson survived a spin at Murrays to take ninth, 10 seconds adrift of Wiltshire. Roberto Tirone ran into difficulty on the way to grid but made the race to pick up more valuable points.

Toby Sowery is the man who leaves Snetterton though at the head of the table after taking maximum points thanks to his two wins, pole and fastest lap. 

  1. Toby Sowery - Lanan Racing
  2. Tristan Cliffe - Omicron Motorsport
  3. Louis Hamilton-Smith - Jigsaw Motorsport
  4. Oliver Rae (Trophy 01 class) - Enigma Motorsport
  5. Henry Chart - Enigma Motorsport
  6. Tony Bishop - Chris Dittmann Racing
  7. Lee Morgan - Grays Motorsport
  8. Stuart Wiltshire - Gale Force Racing
  9. John Ferguson - Gale Force Racing
  10. Roberto Tirone (Trophy 01 class) - Stanbridge Motorsport


F3 Cup heads to Silverstone GP next for rounds three and four on 26/27 April.

Photo credit Andrew Cliffe/Norwich Photo