Sowery storms to sixth win

Toby Sowery claimed a sixth win of the year at a damp Spa-Francorchamps, passing Carlin's Peter Li Zhi Cong a handful of laps from the end to secure a special double win.

Toby Sowery claimed a sixth win of the year at a damp Spa-Francorchamps-hosted round eight, passing Carlin's Invitational Class runner Peter Li Zhi Cong at the hairpin a handful of laps from the end to secure a special double win.

Tristan Cliffe was a looming presence behind in third place, closing in before traffic stunted his progress. Trophy 01 Class racer Oliver Rae took another impressive fourth and third place of the points winners, and Lee Morgan matched his best finish. The Grays Motorsport driver took fifth and third in the Cup 07 Class.

Gale Force Racing's Stuart Wiltshire came home sixth and fourth in class following an entertaining midfield battle. Mark Harrison dropped back late on after earlier battling with Morgan, Rae, Wiltshire and Robbie Watts. 

Watts came together with a Monoposto to end his race at the midway mark, after Tony Bishop had spun out. Struan Moore started from the pitlane and pulled off the road after only two laps.

Conditions were much improved on Saturday's torrential rain, but the weekend's persistent showers ensured wet tyres remained a must. Li's getaway saw him enter La Source first, with Sowery thinking better of a move around the outside.

As in round seven, the front two were strung together but Tristan Cliffe in third threatened to make it a three-car fight. He closed to within just a few seconds, causing Sowery to begin to look in his own mirrors, but traffic dropped Cliffe from the duo. Sowery then passed Li with three laps to go, finally finding the way by at the hairpin after laps of dicing.

Much of the dicing was reserved for the fight for third in the points. Harrison appeared to have settled it before the pack caught up, and then the charging Trophy 01 Class Rae picked his way through from 13th on the combined grid with Monoposto to steal the spot. 

Lee Morgan was then able to wriggle clear for fourth and third in the Cup 07 Class, repassing Stuart Wiltshire who had earlier snuck up the inside at La Source and then battling hard with Harrison. The pair squabbled, but the killer move was completed on the brakes at the Bus Stop to make it a double class podium on his Spa debut.

Winner Sowery claimed the IWI Watches Fastest Lap Award with a 2:44.081s tour on the final lap.

Round eight classification

  1. Toby Sowery - 9 laps
  2. Peter Li Zhi Cong - +4.661s
  3. Tristan Cliffe - +11.615s
  4. Oliver Rae - +37.294s
  5. Lee Morgan - +53.408s
  6. Stuart Wiltshire - +1:25.919s
  7. Mark Harrison - +1 lap
  8. James Ledamun - +1 lap
  9. Robbie Watts - DNF
  10. Tony Bishop - DNF
  11. Struan Moore - DNF

Full report and classification to follow