Pirelli specifications and contact details now available

Technical details of F3 Cup's switch to Pirelli tyres have been published ahead of the new season

Technical and contact details for F3 Cup's new Pirelli tyres are now available. The company has produced a Technical Bulletin with full details of the championship's new control tyre, along with contact details for the suppliers. Pirelli will provide full technical support at each round of the championship.


Please click here to download a copy of the Technical Bulletin.


Further information on the tyres can be obtained directly from Pirelli:

General Enquires: Matthew Corby, Tel: 01235 514386 Email: matthew.corby@pirellif1.com 

Orders: Shaun Marriott, Tel: 01235 514397 Email: shaun.marriott@pirellif1.com

Technical: Natham Coleman, Tel:07752 825277 Email: natham@cmd-tyres.co.uk