Silverstone sunshine provides backdrop for race one

The first race of the weekend got underway this afternoon (12 September) with a slight upset for Carlin Motorsport’s Zach Claman de Melo

The first race of the weekend got underway this afternoon (12 September) with a slight upset for Carlin Motorsport's Zach Claman de Melo as he struggled to get his Dallara away from the line cleanly. Hywel Lloyd was quick to take advantage and led into the first corner, although was unable to maintain the lead as the Canadian came back at him down the Hangar Straight, reclaiming the lead as they headed into Stowe. "I tried to hold on for two or three laps," Lloyd commented, "but every lap we lost a little bit, so well done to him. It was nice to drive again!"

Behind the leading two, Louis Hamilton-Smith and Aaron Steele battled for second place, as Stuart Wiltshire held off the chasing Jacopo Sebastiani. Hamilton-Smith had managed to pass Steele early on, "I went around the outside at Stowe, and just managed to edge him out from there really, for the rest of the race."

Champion-elect Steele was less pleased with today's performance: "From my point of view, that was a really disappointing race, probably the most disappointing race I've had over the year, because I started off where I did and just went backwards effectively. We'll need to do a bit of head-scratching and come back stronger tomorrow." Regarding changes for tomorrow's two races, Steele joked that his Grays Motorsport team might need to make some drastic changes, "We'll take all the wing off, everything! Formula Ford style!"

Further down the order, Stuart Wiltshire enjoyed a strong points haul, helping his chances of securing second in the final championship standings. His closest rival, Omicron's Jacopo Sebastiani finished just behind him but ahead of Tony Bishop and newcomer Malcolm Scott. CF Racing driver Daniel Tapinos was handed a five second penalty for exceeding track limits, which cost him a position. Leader Claman de Melo was awarded a similar penalty but his eight second advantage as the chequered flag fell meant he was able to hold on to the victory. Adrian Holey brought his Trophy Class car home in ninth place ahead of Matt Payne and Geoffrey Hoodless.

F3 Cup's next race is tomorrow morning (Sunday 13th September), at 11:15.


F3 Cup - Silverstone GP, 12/13 September - Race One results

  1. Zach Claman de Melo (Inv) - Dallara F308 - 8 laps
  2. Hywel Lloyd (Cup) - Dallara F311 +3.992
  3. Louis Hamilton-Smith (Cup) - Dallara F306 +7.436
  4. Aaron Steele (Cup) - Dallara F307 +3.502
  5. Stuart Wiltshire (Cup) - Dallara F308 +13.659
  6. Jacopo Sebastiani (Cup) - Dallara F311 +13.909
  7. Tony Bishop (Cup) - Dallara F310 +4.649
  8. Malcolm Scott (Cup) - Dallara F307 +21.905
  9. Daniel Tapinos (Cup) - Dallara F311 +1.577
  10. Adrian Holey (Trophy) - Dallara F300 +10.547
  11. Matt Payne (Cup) - Dallara F307 +1 lap
  12. Geoffrey Hoodless (Inv) - Ralt RT1 +1:11.046