2018 Championship Announcement

Cian Carey confirmed as 2018 F3 Cup Champion, with Stuart Wiltshire vice-champion and Shane Kelly third overall

It was with great reluctance that due to the adverse weather conditions at Silverstone on Sunday (14 October), F3 Cup’s last two races of 2018 were unable to take place, although competitors were able to qualify on Saturday afternoon.

In line with the Championship and MSA regulations, the following course of action has been taken:

  1. Zero points will be allocated to each competitor for the Silverstone GP races of the 2018 F3 Cup Championship
  2. Cian Carey (Car 19) receives one point for each pole position earned in Saturday’s qualifying session as per the results published at 17:39 (grid for Race One) and 17:43 (grid for Race Two)
  3. These zero scores cannot count as ‘dropped scores’ for the purpose of calculating a competitor’s total points for the 2018 season, as the races did not actually take place
  4. Following (1) above, zero points will be allocated to each Team entered for the Silverstone GP races (points for pole position are not applicable to the Teams’ Championship)
  5. Unfortunately it is not possible to reschedule the two abandoned races to another date/venue

As a result of the above, the championship organisers confirm Cian Carey as 2018 F3 Cup Champion, with Stuart Wiltshire (Car 5) vice-champion and Shane Kelly (Car 11) third overall. In addition, Chris Dittmann Racing (CDR) is the 2018 Teams’ Champion.

F3 Cup would like to thank all competitors and teams for their support in 2018 which, despite the unfortunate circumstances of the final weekend, has been one of the closest title fights in the championship’s history.

F3 Cup would also like to thank this year’s championship sponsors and suppliers – Pirelli, Anglo American Oil Company (Sunoco) and Marchand Watch Company – for their support and look forward to working together again next year.

The annual F3 Cup Awards Evening will take place on 26th January at Brands Hatch, when the winners will receive their prizes. Full details will be announced later this week.

MSVR, the championship organiser, is currently working on the 2019 calendar and provisional dates will be available in the coming weeks. Be sure to keep an eye on the championship website at www.F3Cup.co.uk for updates over the winter break.