Carey Makes Decisive Move to Take Win

Cian Carey took victory in the second race of the weekend in Norfolk

With the promised rain yet to materialise, the second race of the weekend at Snetterton lined up on a dry track, under overcast skies. Everyone made a clean start, with pole sitter Jacopo Sebastiani leading the pack into Riches. It didn’t take long however for Cian Carey to pull off a decisive move to take the lead, with George Line, Tony Bishop and Stuart Wiltshire rounding out the top five.

Sadly Line’s engine let go in spectacular fashion early on, causing the Safety Car to be deployed while his stricken Dallara was moved to a safe position, and the fluid on track dressed. The race was resumed with just less than five minutes to go, but soon after Baptiste Leonard’s suspension failed and his car ended up stuck across the circuit, calling a red flag stoppage. With less than a minute and a half on the clock, the race end was declared with Cian Carey taking the win, ahead of Sebastiani and Bishop.

On the podium, Carey said, “I had a lot of wheelspin off the line which wasn’t ideal, but I knew I had the pace and pulled off a great move over Jaco under the bridge at the back there, and from there it was a short race really!” Reflecting on the championship standings, he commented, “I’m not thinking about the championship until later on in the season. I just want to keep on collecting wins, podiums and then I’ll think about that at the last round.”

Sebastiani said, “There wasn’t much of a fight, he got me on the first lap fair and square! I was struggling a bit with tyre pressures and temperatures, and then two laps after they came in there was a red flag. Let’s see if we [Carey] get a chance to race next time.”

Bishop mused, “I think the race was just about to start to be honest! But same as Jaco really, struggled with tyres, seemed to be slow for the first couple of laps while Cian was flying!”